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At Icon Heal, to remove unwanted background or objects from any photo our editors never use any automated selection tools available in the market in terms of the image cut out. We always use Adobe Photoshop pen tool for cutting any unwanted object. Whether you need new product images or a complete background cut out of your current ones, let our Pro Designers get high-quality photo cutout services you’ll love.

Photo Cut Out Types: We Do All

Simple Cut Out
This basic category requires a single path like round, rectangular, and small curved shaped product. Generally box, ball, mobile, book, t-shirt, trouser, egg, spoon, etc require simple cut out. We mark as a simple cut out by counting the number of curves and anchor points of the path (maximum 20 points).
Easy Image Cut Out. Price Starts 0.25$

photo cut out service

Complex Cut Out
It is a secondary category of cut out service. It is applied to images of complex shapes. Complex photos may have few embedded transparency and some close paths. Generally, headshot, jewelry product except for chain, shoes, motor parts, watch furniture, etc.
Complex Image Cut Out. Price Starts 0.50$

Super Complex
It is applied to a wide range of products with very complicated edges, multiple holes, and transparency that requires a large number of paths and anchor points. The images with fur and hair would require to apply masking technology, these also count in complex cutout category. Model, net, fence, flower, tree, art design, etc are examples of complex.
Super Complex Image Cut Out. Price Starts 0.75$

Compound Cut Out
It occurs when an image with many objects must be removed from its background. Compound cutout allows several paths to be combined into one path. It is required many complete paths in one picture. Group photos, products, furniture sets, dishes set, etc are the example of compound images.
Compound Image Cut Out. Price Starts 2$

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Photo cut out Process At Icon Heal

For getting high-quality photoshop cutout, there is not any easy and quick way. We always use photoshop pen tool and two hands of the editor. Mainly we follow 3 steps for cutting out.

STEP-1: 300% plus zooming: At the very beginning, our editors open the image in photoshop and select the pen tool from the toolbox. at the same time, they zoom the image 300% plus for viewing the actual shape of the object.expectation

STEP-2: Drawing clipping path by 2 hands: After zooming 300% plus of the image, we draw the path accurately by expert hands with the mind. In addition, we apply 0.3-0.5 feather radius for getting the natural look of the edges of the object.

STEP-3: Send Images to QC Operator: Finally, the editors save images as PSD source files and send them to quality control operator to check properly by quick masking and save the final format expectation of clients.

We Dont Use Automated Software Because of Differences.

PhotoShop + 2 Hands Automated Software
Perfect, high-quality outputs Poor and low-quality outputs
Professional look Very ordinary look
The fresh and natural edge of the object Blurry and uneven edge of the object

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